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Stairs to Cape Cod Bay

I would like to think that teachers were ultimately responsible for the Allied Victory of World War II. This was due to the pairing of the crucial need to train U.S. military personnel and the effective use of emerging technologies.


Please allow me to explain...


Each generation has had its share of new methods and devices to aid in the art of instructional design. One insight, however, stood out among the vast amount of writing on the subject. Reiser and Dempsey (2007) comment on the U.S. Army's use of more than 400 training films and 600 filmstrips from 1943 through 1945. The films were used to teach critical tasks including aircraft and ship recognition, flight training and foreign languages. The Americans had discovered that the emerging technology of film education was a useful teaching tool. Film as educational technology was confirmed in 1945 during the interrogation of the upper echelon of the German Military when the German Chief of General Staff said, "We had everything calculated perfectly except the speed with which America was able to train its people. Our major miscalculation was in underestimating their quick and complete mastery of film education (cited in Olsen & Bass, 1982, p.33)."


Olsen, J. R., & Bass, V. B. (1982). The Application of Performance Technology in the Military: 1960-1980. Performance and Instruction, 21(6), 32-36.

Reiser, R. A, & Dempsey, J. V. (2007). Trends and issues in instructional design and technology. 2nd Ed. Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Merrill/Prentice Hall.

Brewster Flats, Cape Cod, MA
Brewster Flats, Cape Cod MA

My students are producers rather than consumers of technology.

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Stairs to Cape Cod Bay
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