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Teaching Philosophy

Universal Design for Learning

The foundation of my teaching practices is Universal Design For Learning (UDL). I feel strongly that individual students have unique learning approaches that compel teachers to provide several means of content delivery and student choice in assessments. UDL facilitates learners'
success by practicing the "why," "what," and "how" of learning. The affective network of the brain addresses the "why" to stimulate engagement and motivation for learning. The affective aspect of learning manifests itself in the 5E Lesson Plan that we use in the Endeavor program with the first "E" as "engage."

The brain's recognition network manages the "what" of learning and benefits from the presentation of information and content in multiple ways. For example, I wrote an assignment document,  provided a modeled example, and a video tutorial of the Book Creator assignment for my TCL class. The brain's strategic network manages the "how" of learning, and this is where teachers can differentiate how students can demonstrate understanding.

In my TPP21 class, students had the opportunity to write an APA paper synthesizing the course's core themes or to produce a CoSpaces AR/VR project. This is an exemplar in my Spring 2020 class. Click the play button to view the CoSpace in your browser. One does not need goggles or
special equipment other than the arrow keys on your keyboard or touchscreen.

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