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Teaching Philosophy

Substantive Feedback

I believe that timely, substantive, formative feedback is essential to learning. Encouraging students to embrace their mistakes as part of the learning process, to give them ongoing feedback, and the opportunity to correct and refine their assignments are crucial components of the learning process. Students studying digital educational technology applications should have the opportunity to craft a project in class that they can implement in their context.

I provide substantive feedback through screencast descriptions of suggested amendments about ongoing projects. For example, one of my students submitted a Scratch program that needed improvement. I recorded a screencast to describe the techniques, uploaded the "unlisted" video to my YouTube channel, and emailed the video link to my student. She was able to enact the amendments and learn about best programming practices. Another example is a doctoral student who requested feedback about a Book Creator assignment. Rather than write an email to describe suggested enhancements, I recorded a screencast to provide answers to her inquiries. I provide interactive examples of screen annotation software called Skitch on the interactive digital teaching philosophy Thinglink to show how I used annotation software as formative feedback.

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