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Teaching Philosophy


PreK-3 - 12: I am an educator experienced in teaching PreK-3 through twelfth grade in face-to-face environments. During this time period, I taught in public and parochial schools. Opportunities to teach in all-boys and allgirls high schools served as the basis for my research regarding genderbased attitudes in science, technology, engineering, and math disciplines. During my years in the classroom, I collaborated with my colleagues to integrate technology in all core subjects. As the teacher of record in technology classes, I taught my students a wide variety of platforms in programming, computer-aided design, and robotics.

Masters and Doctoral: I teach educators in the Endeavor STEM Leadership program that partners with NASA to infuse mission-related data into lesson planning. My Endeavor teachers who are working toward a master's degree learn programming in various platforms, including Scratch, MIT App Inventor, CoSpaces AR/VR, and VidCode. The Endeavor educators also infuse flipped learning into their lesson planning to archive small-skill videos on their webpages to facilitate hybrid learning. I instruct Trends, Principles, and Practices of 21st Century Learning (TPP21) and Technologies and Creative Learning (TCL) for the JHU doctoral program. I carefully jury the research articles to align with session topics. My students conduct discussions in Flipgrid and Synchronous sessions throughout the semester to continue synthesizing program core literature into technology practices.

The search committee members can hover over the interactive hot spots on the Thinglink digital presentation in any order that they wish. I provide examples of my work to demonstrate my core beliefs within the Thinglink hotspots. The following paragraphs provide a written transcript to support
the interactive links.

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